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In my studio practice, I make paintings, works on paper, and sewn and fiber stuffed paintings.  A major theme in my work is an ongoing exploration of issues and themes surrounding female identity.  I use self-portraiture, figuration, and narrative as conduits through which I can express meaning.  I seek to tell visual stories that investigate and merge physical, emotional, and psychosocial states of being.  In my work, I am interested in the interweaving of private and public realms.  My content is culled from a range of sources: personal and collective history, societal subject matter, mythology, body image, psyche, issues of gender, aging, mental illness, substance abuse, and fantasy and reality.  I am very concerned with expressing the inherent tension and fundamental coexistence of opposites in life, such as strength and vulnerability and struggle and resilience.   I create non-linear and enigmatic narratives composed of jarring juxtapositions of disparate, dream-like imagery.  

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